Monday Morning Podcast

Bill rambles about the Super Bowl, Dark Side of the Moon and surviving the apocalypse. 

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Bill rambles about going to the Pro Bowl, the banking system and how to break up with a hooker.

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Bill rambles about California fires, how to watch the Super Bowl, and being the Ed Tom Bell of sports fans.

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Bill sits down with Jay Mohr.

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Bill rambles about the Golden Globes, NFL Football and Groupie Island Chest Hair Pussy.

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Bill rambles about the Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp, plastic desks and being a medical student.

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Bill rambles about buying a file cabinet, Beyonce and hosting a prized pig contest.

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Bill rambles about Christmas shopping, drinking egg nog and socializing his Pit Bull.

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Bill sits down with David Koechner from Anchorman 2.

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Bill rambles about the last leg of the European tour, the miserable Irish and why skiing is worth blowing your knee out.

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