Monday Morning Podcast

Bill rambles about the Mario Lemieux Fantasy Camp, plastic desks and being a medical student.

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Bill rambles about buying a file cabinet, Beyonce and hosting a prized pig contest.

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Bill rambles about Christmas shopping, drinking egg nog and socializing his Pit Bull.

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Bill sits down with David Koechner from Anchorman 2.

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Bill rambles about the last leg of the European tour, the miserable Irish and why skiing is worth blowing your knee out.

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Bill rambles about proper murder in war, traveling in Europe and chocolate covered berries.

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Bill rambles about Rome, dirty towels and heartburn.

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Bill rambles about smart people, dancing with a game face, and how to hit on a LAY-dee in a coffee shop.

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Bill rambles about the Dakota's, pussy eating mayors and dealing with a crazy psychic mom.

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Bill rambles about racist cheese steak drama, the word benevolence and meeting Bill Cosby.

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