Monday Morning Podcast

Bill rambles about technology, meteors, and why you can't help a pussy in a relationship.

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Bill rambles about snow, fixing his truck and answers questions.

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Bill rambles about the BUFFALO Ravens win, Crazy white dudes in prison, losing face in Japan.

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Bill rambles about going to Hawaii for 15 hours, watching the Super Bowl and the town whore.

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Bill rambles about Pats/Ravens, Lady Gaga, and Lance Armstrong.

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Bill rambles about the Golden Globes, wheel chair manners and banging a teacher.

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Bill rambles about re-engineering mosquitos, goats and snakes, and wrestling a toothless baboon. 

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Bill rambles about Anderson Cooper, bank robber's gym and letting cult members expire.

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Bill rambles about astronauts, Maniac detecting street lights and overrated doctors.

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Bill rambles about the Patriots/49ers, choking on breakfast cereal, and being treated like a fuck stick.

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