Monday Morning Podcast

Bill talks to Michael Rapaport about doggie shit bag, Kobe Bryant, the Boston Garden, the Knicks, Brooklyn, True Romance, Giants/Patriots, True Romance and the Beats Rhymes & Life Documentary.

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Bill interviews the Rose Bowl legend and stand up great, Joe Bartnick. They talk the 70's Steelers, 80's Drinking and Driving and hype Joe's new stand up album, "Salute."

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Nia and Bill ramble about Bill ruining Nia's surprise for him, how to tell your friend his girlfriend is a douche and golden showers.

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Bill rambles about Thanksgiving, Fireman Ed, and creepy gynecologists.

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Bill rambles about party tricks, atheists,and high school reunions
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Bill rambles about Celtics/Lakers, surviving the apocalypse, and animal dildos.

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Bill rambles about New Orleans, LSU/ALABAMA, and Voodoo.

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Bill rambles about dying, the new Denzel movie, and whores talking about robots.

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Bill rambles Lance Armstrong, Patriots Jets, and Sweetness Day.
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Bill rambles pink stuff, nfl football, and air born gonorrhea.

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