Monday Morning Podcast

Bill rambles about Toronto, concussions and being a real cunt.

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Bill rambles about El Paso, Texas A&M and staying at a Sheradon.

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Bill rambles about falling on a rock, hairy chests and shooting wild pigs.

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Bill rambles about Labor Day, Cannibalism and war in Syria.

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Bill rambles about bow fishing, eating toddlers and scat singing.

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Bill rambles about Bourbon Street, ARod, and malformed testicles.
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Bill rambles about New Orleans, salads and ripping off the banks.

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Bill rambles about A-Rod, Fantasy Football and Road Head.

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Bill rambles about airport ettiquette, online dating and being computer illiterate. 

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Bill rambles about tattoos, motorcycles and how to treat birds.

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Bill talks about Cold Lotion, The Cattle Game, and Standing Your Ground.

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Bill rambles about fatties, bike rides, and the cyber hacking of cars.

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Bill rambles about the Blackhawks "Thank you" letter to the Bruins, what to do after divorce, and the Conan O'Brien Show.

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Bill rambles about the Stanley Cup Finals, Liechtenstein and the truth about Mascots.
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Bill rambles about front porches, Syria and overhead lighting.

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Bill rambles about aging, PG-13 Zombie Movies and aliens in the Government.

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Bill rambles about the Bruins game, religion, and announces the Billy Red State Tour

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Bill rambles about NHL playoffs, population in China, and leaving a date during a date.

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Bill rambles about Memorial Day, casino floors and working out.

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Bill rambles about public pools, people who quit, and Las Vegas.

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Bill rambles about NHL playoffs, Chinese food and taking the chrome off your undercarriage. 

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Bill rambles about Hitler's love of the stars, fucking another woman in front of your wife, and Celtic pride.

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Bill rambles about the Lakers MVP, whoring himself out for oilmen and how not to be forgettable.

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Bill rambles about the NBA, Bankers, and Terrorists.

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Bill rambles about traveling by bus, women being maced and bankers in titty bars.

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Bill rambles about Atlanta sports fans, how to order breakfast, and shape shifters.

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Bill rambles about North Korea, Christina Aguilera, and Smell-O-Vision.

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Bill rambles about the Cheesecake Factory, a psycho on the plane, and lead paint.

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Bill rambles about Old Money, middle age pussy, and pay per view fights. 

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Bill rambles about water damage, asbestos, and why red heads will still be here in 2060

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Bill rambles about the Bruins/Habs, guys who put stuff in storage, and slapping babies.

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Bill rambles about the Oscars, the Patrice O'Neal benefit, and buggery.

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Bill rambles about technology, meteors, and why you can't help a pussy in a relationship.

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Bill rambles about snow, fixing his truck and answers questions.

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Bill rambles about the BUFFALO Ravens win, Crazy white dudes in prison, losing face in Japan.

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Bill rambles about going to Hawaii for 15 hours, watching the Super Bowl and the town whore.

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Bill rambles about Pats/Ravens, Lady Gaga, and Lance Armstrong.

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Bill rambles about the Golden Globes, wheel chair manners and banging a teacher.

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Bill rambles about re-engineering mosquitos, goats and snakes, and wrestling a toothless baboon. 

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Bill rambles about Anderson Cooper, bank robber's gym and letting cult members expire.

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Bill rambles about astronauts, Maniac detecting street lights and overrated doctors.

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Bill rambles about the Patriots/49ers, choking on breakfast cereal, and being treated like a fuck stick.

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Bill talks to Michael Rapaport about doggie shit bag, Kobe Bryant, the Boston Garden, the Knicks, Brooklyn, True Romance, Giants/Patriots, True Romance and the Beats Rhymes & Life Documentary.

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Bill interviews the Rose Bowl legend and stand up great, Joe Bartnick. They talk the 70's Steelers, 80's Drinking and Driving and hype Joe's new stand up album, "Salute."

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Nia and Bill ramble about Bill ruining Nia's surprise for him, how to tell your friend his girlfriend is a douche and golden showers.

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Bill rambles about Thanksgiving, Fireman Ed, and creepy gynecologists.

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Bill rambles about party tricks, atheists,and high school reunions
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Bill rambles about Celtics/Lakers, surviving the apocalypse, and animal dildos.

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Bill rambles about New Orleans, LSU/ALABAMA, and Voodoo.

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Bill rambles about dying, the new Denzel movie, and whores talking about robots.

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Bill rambles Lance Armstrong, Patriots Jets, and Sweetness Day.
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Bill rambles pink stuff, nfl football, and air born gonorrhea.

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Bill rambles about sexomnia, pink jerseys in the NFL, and being sick.

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Bill rambles about rugby, having no A/C, and sleep fucking. 

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The lovely Nia answers another podcast question.

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Bill rambles about the NWO, how to hit someone with a backpack, and how to handle a fuck buddy.

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Bill rambles about food racism, his trip to Charlotte, and the band Drivin' and Cryin'

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Nini answers the Fuck List question.

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Bill rambles about NFL football, the President, and getting throat slammed by Serena Williams.

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Bill rambles about speaking Spanish, White Music from Detroit, Meat Dresses, and The Sweaty Guy At Church..

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Bill rambles about Lance Armstrong, Roids, and Reptiles playing poker.

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Bill rambles about the environment, whores at work, and the irrational hatred of rich people.

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Bill rambles about not saving the world, pile on teams and the release date of "You People Are All The Same."

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Bill Burr interviews stand up comedian and host of That Metal's Show - Jim Florentine.

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Bill Burr rambles about apologizing for nothing, chemistry bars, and owning a house.

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Bill rambles about tragedies, pile on teams, and banging your friend's ex-girlfriend.

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Bill interviews Dave "el Pres" Portnoy from

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Bill rambles about Bar-B-Que, the human flag, and being asexual.

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Bill rambles about asteroids, chimpanzee's and banging three sisters in one family.

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Bill rambles about European jeans, downtown San Jose, and police brutality.
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Bill rambles about awful Metal Music, the death of John Denver, and the first time he saw somebody do coke.
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Bill rambles about NBA refs, riding a dirt bike, Axl Rose's kilt.
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Bill rambles about LL Cool J, NBA refs and becoming an action hero.
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Bill rambles about Conrad Twitty, Meryl Streep, and the NBA playoffs.
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Bill rambles about being alone, the food supply and Chewbacca.
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Bill rambles about fixing a blender, packs of whores with their clams out, and the Knicks playoff victory.
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Bill rambles about racists in Boston, throwing high kicks while wearing slacks, and the whores.
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Bill rambles with New Jersey's own Paul Virzi about sports, urges and a higher power.
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Bill rambles about soccer, college, and overrated/underrated.
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Bill sits down with the one and only Dom Irrera for some friendly conversation.
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Bill rambles about skinny jeans, ghost towns, and sucking at hockey.
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Bill rambles about Crows, Cheesecake, and Alternative comedy.
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Bill rambles about jolly people, jerking off in public and college basketball.
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Bill rambles about KONY 2012, People with weak teeth, cock blocks and yells at some squirrels.
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Bill rambles about the taping of his new special, aviation and advice.
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Bill rambles about the Oscars, Family Reunions and Midievel Colonics
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Bill rambles about Black History Month, Revenge on a neighbor, and Frank Pepe's Pizza.
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Bill rambles about Valentine's Day, The Grammy's and Chicken Vents.
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Bill rambles about the brutal Patriots Super Bowl loss, Patrice O'neal's new CD, and his upcoming redneck tour.
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Bill rambles about his truck, the Super Bowl, and the incoordination of adult women.
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Bill rambles about NFL playoffs, the Ravens Pantyhose, and kids sexting.
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Bill rambles about football, relationship advice and the wearing a bath rob.
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Bill rambles about Tiger, and give listeners advice about whores.
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Bill rants about New Years and the yearly tradition of going to the Grand Daddy of them All!!
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Bill rambles about McDonald's beat down, divorce laws and Christmas gifts.

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Bill rambles about Christmas Music, the Holidays, and the C-note HOF
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Bill rambles about Christmas, Eli Manning, your liver, and coconut dream bars.
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Patrice O'Neal's first radio single
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