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Bill rambles about the environment, whores at work, and the irrational hatred of rich people.

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Bill rambles about not saving the world, pile on teams and the release date of "You People Are All The Same."

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Bill Burr interviews stand up comedian and host of That Metal's Show - Jim Florentine.

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Bill Burr rambles about apologizing for nothing, chemistry bars, and owning a house.

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Bill rambles about tragedies, pile on teams, and banging your friend's ex-girlfriend.

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Bill interviews Dave "el Pres" Portnoy from

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Bill rambles about Bar-B-Que, the human flag, and being asexual.

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Bill rambles about asteroids, chimpanzee's and banging three sisters in one family.

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Bill rambles about European jeans, downtown San Jose, and police brutality.
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